Best things to do in Hermosa Beach.

Hermosa Beach in the South of California can be a destination of your choice if you are a beach lover and enjoy living a laid-back life away from the city. There are numerous activities that attract tourists to this beach. The beach is calm and pleasant during the day and very happening during the night. Here are some of the top things to do in Hamosa beach.

Hermosa Pier.


Hermosa Pier at the beach is a great place to get to know the locals and meet with them. It is more like a fishermen’s enclave. The sand is great to chill out and wash the fisherman reel in the catch for the day. Beginners may try a hand at fishing too. It is a great place to watch the blues splash off. The fisherman’s enclave lined with ropes, nets and lines showcases a splendid view.

Beach walk.

The beach walks on the seashore gets lined with bicycles, runners and walkers as soon as the evening hits. A visit to the beach just to watch the people is amusing. It is possible to rent bikes and bicycles for the evening to enjoy a great ride. The beach is more or less than 21 miles. The scenic trail lined the ocean is amazing. A 21-mile bike ride along the ocean is breathtaking. You’ll get to enjoy the local food especially the tasty seafood. The local shops offer a variety of cheap local products of good quality.

Fiesta Hermosa.

Fiesta Hermosa is an annual event that is hosted at the beach every year. It is a great platform to fundraise money for the development of the beach. This is also an opportunity for the fishermen to sell their catch and earn profits. Many cultural events take place every day. The tides are perfect to go surfing on the beach. This is yet another common activity that people enjoy sightseeing. The beach offers surfing lessons on a daily basis. Ever want to try a hand in surfing? You know where to go. The practice lessons for 15 days can make you a good surfer.

Best time to Visit the beach.

Early summer is not a good time to visit this beach. After July, the climate is pleasant and calm just before the rain kicks in. The temperature drops down to 21 degrees this time of the year. South California receives mild rain showers from time to time. A day would be fine to enjoy all the activities on the beach. There are a lot of estuaries and beaches on the same coast the Hamosa beach is located. You can visit many other beaches after your trip to the Hamosa beach.

Post Author: Ray Gonzales