The Hermosa Cinema - Free Movies in Hermosa Beach!
The Hermosa Arts Foundation is hosting free movies in the Community Center Theater running eight weeks from August 24th to October 12th. The movies shown will be predominantly pre-code classic films that are appropriate for the entire family. And since the showings are all on Friday nights, it's also a perfect date!

The Schedule:

August 24th
6pm - To Be or Not to Be
7:55pm - The Little Foxes

August 31st
6pm - His Girl Friday
7:50pm - What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Sept 7th
6pm - Sons of the Desert
7:25pm - West Side Story

Sept 14th
6pm - Who Done It
7:35pm - Rebecca

Sept 21st
6pm - The Black Swan
7:40pm - You Can't Take It With You

Sept 28th
6pm - On the Town
7:55pm - The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Oct 5th
6pm - The Thing (from another world)
7:50pm - THEM!

Oct 12th
6pm - Bride of Frankenstein
7:30pm - Brides of Dracula
9pm - Carrie*
Midnight - The Rocky Horror Picture Show*

The Hermosa Cinema gives the community a great opportunity to see some truly classic films on the big screen for the first time in decades. Unforgettable dramas like "Little Foxes" and "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" will be seen by many for the fist time ever. Even forgotten masterpieces like "To Be or Not to Be" and "THEM!" will get a chance to enthrall a whole new audience.

Concessions like sodas, candy and water will be made available for the amazingly affordable price of only $1 each. Later in the season, if it is determined that the theater isn't being destroyed by trash, popcorn might also be served.

Admission to the theater is completely free to all comers, but if you really feel like paying for your entertainment the Hermosa Arts Foundation will be accepting donations. All donations will go directly to the HAF to support more community functions like this one. The HAF is chartered to support arts programs in Hermosa Beach, and the programs in the Community Center in particular. HAF sponsored programs include children's theater, dance programs, film festivals, experimental theater, the Hermosa Art Walk, and numerous other arts programs.

* Rating Warning! To honor the history of film in Hermosa Beach "Carrie" (which had some scenes shot in the very Community Center where we are going to screen it) and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (which had a long run with live cast at the original Bijou) need to be included, but parents are strongly cautioned about bringing children to these two shows. Both films were originally rated "R" when released. Additionally, a live cast is planned to augment the screening of "The Rocky Horror picture Show" as is traditional at screenings around the world. The cast will be using the same excessively lewd jokes and over-the-top gimmicks that have kept Rocky Horror on the screen for over 30 years.


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