Tips and hacks for your next beach trip

Mountains or beaches? If you are a complete beach person and love to prefer a coastal area as your choice of destination, here are some hacks to keep in mind. For many a people, a beach trip is very satisfying can lift your spirits up. With some hacks, you can make your trip an even more memorable one.

  1. Protect your phones: When on the beach, zip locks your mobile phones and wallets. This will prevent the tiny particles of sand and water from disturbing your valuables. You can also carry an old peanut or jam jar to keep your phones, wallets and keys.
  2. How baby powder works: After a long beach bath, sprinkling some baby powder on your body can help remove the sand faster.
  3. Apply oil: Shave your skin with oil before you take a dip in the sea. This keeps your skin well hydrated and protects from any dryness.
  4. Which sunscreen to carry? Know your skin texture and choose a sunscreen accordingly. Check what time of the day you would bathe in the sea. Choose a sunscreen with a good PF value. Check if its waterproof.
  5. Protect your Hair and skin: Wear a good turban or shower cap before you go in the waters. This will prevent the salt water from reaching your scalp which might result in dry scalp later on. Shower caps also protect your hair and scalp from the sun. Tie your hair tight and neat before you wear your shower cap on. A hair detangles spray can work too. Cover your eyes with a good pair of sunglasses. Apply apple cider vinegar or aloe Vera in case you get sunburns.
  6. Face mask: Make yourself a cool green tea face mist to stay refreshed and hydrated throughout the day.
  7. Freeze your bottle: Instead of bringing ice packs to the beach, freeze your bottle for a couple of hours. This help keep the snacks fresh. You can also save it against your skin if it is very hot. A similar hack is to fill balloons with water and carry along. Freeze small zipper packs with lemon and carry it along. You can sip cold lemonade when it becomes hot.
  8. Beach towel: spread your beach towel on the sand, put your pillow on the top edge and roll the pillow over your towel. This can be your perfect relaxing spot on the beach. Fix an umbrella to the side of the towel to give you enough shade.
  9. Carry along memories: Bring plaster of Paris with you when you visit the beach. Make impression on the sand and pour the plaster of Paris mixture into the moulds. This will serve as great carry home souvenirs when you go back home.

Post Author: Ray Gonzales